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Sunday, January 23, 2011 @ 12:20 AM

Lady Gaga Heartbeats. I got these a few months back, when my parents when to the States to visit a few of our relatives. I really love these cause my dad chose to buy them for me.

"The Higher The Heel? The Better I feel." I wore these awhile ago when I randomly went to the mall with my cousin and sister. (Random Shop, HK) I paired them with jeggings and ripped Metallica shirt which I will post pictures of someday!

Pop Art. I love anything Pop Art! Warhol, Lichtenstein etc. They're all so bright and appealing.
Shoes can kill. I got this on sale today! I know they look like the shoes I wore. WHAT?? They're strappy and studded!! I couldn't resist.

Apparently, there are still good things you can get for 45 PESOS. THAT'S WHAT'S UP!

ZEH! I didn't notice what was written on my cup till I left. AJ made this again. Lol. (Green Tea Soy Latte)
I was going for studded today. Studded Cuffs + Snake and Heart Rings
YSL Muse Bag

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Thursday, January 20, 2011 @ 11:44 PM

I found these shoes online. I wanna buy all of them, but that means spending less on other things for a time. There are more shoes that I want. I'm only 5'0 so I guess being in heels all the time wouldn't be such a bad idea. These shoes are all for pre-order though, so I guess I have to start so that I can get them by my birthday. I'm so excited! I might pay next week!

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@ 11:35 AM
Okay, I feel like such a meanie. I've been pissed off at the most trivial things. It seems funny to me already!

I got breakfast in Starbucks. So eaaarly in the morning. I got my usual Green Tea Soy + Tomato Mozzarella and Basil. AJ (My boy's brother) was on duty and I was with him till late night, so it was funny to see him again after a few hours. We were talking about both feeling sooo sleepy cause we got home late. Angel, his girlfriend, is one of my bestfriends. I call her BFFY! I was in a rush to get to school since I live in Paranaque and I had a 9:30 class in Katipunan. I didn't even notice the name he put on my cup. He put "ze bff! =)". SO CUTE! I wanted to keep the cup. Lol. After class, I asked one of my blockmates (Bugsy) if she wanted to check out the ZARA sale. We took the LRT2 to Cubao and the MRT to Ortigas. First stop was Shang. I honestly did not like Shang. I'm into cheap things and people watching. Most of the selection were expensive, and there weren't much people. It brought my mood down. So I suggested checking Forever21 since I'm a very faithful customer. I was there a few days back and I still got a few pieces. Finally scored the perfect khaki cargo pants and romper (been planning to pair it with a scarf, I don't have a scarf yet though!). Our last shopping stop was Payless. I got heels again and I am very happy. There's still one I'm eyeing on, because it's on sale. I love Christian Soriano x Payless! I didn't want to spend too much on one day so I ended up just buying one pair. I'm still going to check this weekend, maybe in Alabang!

Tuesday was such a long day. I had PE from 2-3 which was okay, since I got to hangout with Janine and Yach. I had a processing session right after (for NSTP). We went to the ARSAfest but then we left again. Final choice was Tboy for their Spicy Tuna Sashimi. YUM! Roch went and met Janine (NFF). I had a family gathering right after. Lastly, we went for some drinks in Cantina (Uncles + Cousins). That has got to be the most random part of my whole Tuesday.

I was baaaad today. I couldn't pay attention to my subjects cause I was feeling so sleepy! I didn't wanna drink coffee since it would just make me anxious (plus I'm scrimping on spending on Starbucks cause I think I spend too much there). I was so tempted to cut since I had classes till 8PM :/ Fortunately (and I am so proud of me HAHA), I didn't cut. I was kind of anti-social though. I also think I had too much to eat, since I'm not used to eating a lot. I was pissed at the most random of things today, you can't even imagine.

THURSDAY is today, and I'm still kind of PMS-y. I gotta go and take a bath! I'll upload pictures tomorrow!
Wednesday, May 19, 2010 @ 3:59 PM
I can't believe I have 2010 tag board person in this blog. I've abandoned this when everyone else abandoned theirs too. Maybe sometimes there are just some things that you wouldn't mind coming back to. I'm a lot more honest to my blog now, no more secrets. No more privacy shit. Anyway, I'm alone in the dorm. I've been so for a week now. I really wouldn't mind, except the person I hear the most from, I don't hear a lot from. I understand. Believe me, I even feel guilty for being too attached. That's not good, people feel strangled when that happens. I feel sick to the core. I can't wait to get home. I believe nothing's wrong, I know I'm loved. I guess there are just some days when you need time off one another. Then again, I miss. I miss everything. I miss spontaneous dates, I miss the random jokes, heck, I even miss the random criticism that used to get me down, I miss my constant motivation to do better, I miss being told to be confident, I miss being told that I'm beautiful, I miss being told I'm the sweetest girl, I may complain about little things, but that's just me. Hear me out and you'll learn that I love you to bits and pieces, yes even the bad traits that you have. I'm not crying. I'm barely passing a non-credit class, and most of the time I'd be all relaxed about it. I wanna be stronger and I wanna learn from you I miss being able to vent, I miss being understood. I miss PMS-ing and being told that I'm cute for being so annoyed. I miss not worrying. I miss laughing the whole day with you. I miss an I miss you too. Reciprocate, baby. Please. I miss you too much already. It's killing me. I trust you, please believe me when I say that. But I want to hear from you. I miss you. You're my partner in crime.
Roman Cavalry choirs are singing. ♥
Thursday, May 21, 2009 @ 9:50 AM

Thanks to Bevs, I decided to update my blog. Sorry blog, I ran out of creative juices. Heehee. Anyway, I did some closet organizing yesterday and I never knew I've accumulated so much. :| I didn't know what to give away. Every shirt I pick up says something like "Hey, you work me in EK. You had fun, remember?", so I'm like "Ok, I won't give you away :D" ATTACHED! Haha.It's DANA'S 17th today, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BES! See you later. :) I also took pics of the bags I have and.. lets not even go to the counting. I went home last week... So about the trip. We didn't go to alot of places this year, but I had fun still. We stayed home alot and most of the time we'd go to Ross and Marshall's. I finally spent my savings on something, which is what I'm using to type right now. I love installing stuff so Sorry to my beloved Acer, he just couldn't keep up. While this pretty lil girl has sick memory ;) And... she's PINK ♥ nothing beats the color. HAHAHA.I've been listening to Coldplay's Viva La Vida over and over again, hence the title. It's just so catchy. There's Viva La Gaga too. Have you ever wondered how she looked like before she was famous? Wonder no more! Say hello to Lady G before the Peroxide. What do you think?

Livin LA vida loca! WEEK 1. DAY 1.
Friday, April 17, 2009 @ 10:39 PM

Ate and I arrived last Tuesday (14?) Yup, only the 2 of us :>
Which caused severe butterflies in my stomach when we left Taipei. Geez, turbulence sucks :|
We stayed in Taipei for 4 hours and met friends. Went in the plane and sat beside a girl that looked like a prettier version of Amy Winehouse. *cue- I say NO NO NOOO!*
I couldn't sleep much in the plane kasi it was super bumpy. I couldn't eat either.
The only thing I watched was Living Lohan- Vegas episode :))
Anyway. We arrived and ate at Pho 2000! Awesome Viet food!
CHLOE IS SO CUTE. She talks alot now, and she isn't grumpy anymore. LOOK AT THE PIC ABOVE :)
On our 2nd day, we went to Albertson's and got some healthy food :P Went home and slept. We also met Chloe's day care teacher, Miss Maha! We picked her up late in the afternoon and we walked to Ross. MUST CONTROL! They're cheaper there now. Which means, trouble. Hahaha.
Those are the stuff I got. Anyway! I'll go to sleep again. It's 8:07 AM. *yawns*

Monday, April 06, 2009 @ 2:34 AM
Wow. As in grabe, exagge hassle and malas day today you know. Buti nalang it ended okay, kasi if hindi grabe. AY it didn't end okay pala? Haha. Kasi, we went to the graduation of our helper's son dito sa Pampanga. Sabay 3:30 we were ready na and we went there. 5 di pa nagsstart. So wow. Okay. It started then we sat lang, medyo 6:30 na. Tas di pala kami kailangan dun. Wt went to the car na. No side mirror (left),

Ate: AY! shit. nanakawan tayo ng side mirror.

She asks around. Walang nakakita. Hello, medyo tabi na yun ng court (venue). Pero sige, I don't blame anyone. Usi here there and everywhere. Ate kotse mo yan? Ay hinnddi. Tas outlet sana kami sa Rob. We ate dinner in Fortune muna, okay dun fortunate kami. Kuya said pwede pa mag Rob. *lucky part*, got harem pants for 250 ate got shoes for 499. Then 30 minutes lang closed na. 9 na eh. We brought Ate Kaye home. Nail art! :) Hot choco. Yun yung fun :D We als met their dog, MARIMAR. Aw! Duchschand. Stayed there till almost 11. Then we went here. Played GEO CHALLENGE with Kuya! Geography students na kami. WOOT. Sabay sabay kaming nagp-PC sa kitchen here. AMA :)) Haha. Tas sabi ko nga late na eh. Sige. BYE EVERYONE :)
We're plastic but we still have fun!- Lady GaGa
Saturday, April 04, 2009 @ 7:43 PM
Boom boom boom. Boom boom boom. Okay. LSS. Boom boom pow by BEP :)
So, today I shall fix all my WWW accounts.
Lemme list 'em down.

  2. Arrange Y!M friends. (Na hello, super dami rin.)
  3. Fix this thing.