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Hi! I haven't had the time to really work on this. Everything's kind of a draft! Welcome though. This is my personal blog.


So it's going to be about me and a few things connected to being me. I'm Patti David and I'm 17 going on 18. I'm from Ateneo.


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I wanna go to HongKong :(
Saturday, January 14, 2006 @ 2:00 AM

I wanna go to KingKong..
Joke..Hong Kong!
Bea and I are absent.
I read Tricia's blog.
http://bluepega.blogspot .com
She went to HongKong :(
I wanna go.
I wanna gooooo..
Micah-this girl I met sa National Museum keeps on calling me*
But ok lang..
She calls me Mandy.Kala niya yun yung name ko.
I wanna go out :P
Tas nung bumili kami ng PSP sa ATC tas pinasulat yung name ko nilagay ba naman YATU.
Ang layo nun sa PATTI.
And besides..San ka naman makakakita ng Yatu na pangalan?
Yatu-Heaven *Pag sa Pampanga*
So ok lang..
Sa TimeZone naman..
"What's your name?"
for the card thing personalizer..:))
"oh okay.."
Me:*swipes card to check*
MONITOR THING:Welcome Buddy!
Ruth is also absent.
So is Bevs.
Ang saya,.
Ang daming absent ;p
I used to use Y in spelling my name.*How redundant can I get?*
pero kasi yung iba parang mangaasar Patay,.
I popped bubble wraps awhile ago.
*Thanks Ate Thea*
I'm downloading Tradewinds Legends.
I like Tradewinds.
It's fun.
It gets funner everytime.
Hen get well soon :(
I'll blog again lateerrr.
Friday the Thirteenth.
Good luck everyone :P