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Amusement.Happy birthday Ate Trina!
Sunday, April 22, 2007 @ 1:42 AM

I know for a fact, that those who read my blog(hi friends:P) know I get bored a lot nowadays.

Ate and i did something awhile ago which most definitely got rid of our boredom.

RICKY REYES GIRLS,represent!:))

Ate asked me to iron her hair.Her hair is permed on the ends.

So, I did.

She ironed my hair also.(Which is getting drier by the day)

Then she put make-up on me.

We called it the "dark side" make-up.

She made me look mataray.Once in awhile yan.Hehe.

Hay nako,If only you knew how much time she spent on putting my eye make-up.Di kita sa pic.Sayang.:))

I also put make-up on her.
It got rid of our boredom.
Mga 2 hours or more kami nag aayos.
Of course,we had our "dark side" outifts.
Then, we took dark side pictures.
Lahat nalang,eh noh?:P
I had fun.=)
Anyway,enough about our dark side.
Happy Birthday to Tanek,also!
I miss you Ate Truni!