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Hi! I haven't had the time to really work on this. Everything's kind of a draft! Welcome though. This is my personal blog.


So it's going to be about me and a few things connected to being me. I'm Patti David and I'm 17 going on 18. I'm from Ateneo.


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Thursday, April 19, 2007 @ 11:59 AM

Everyone's moving out of Blogger.
Is that the new trend?Oh well.Haha.
I'm keeping this blog.I might as well be consistent with something,di'ba?:P
I'm kind of excited for School.It's a new year.New classmates and 7 new teachers.
Prom won't suck either.:D
Exciting!!I'm gonna make the most out of this school year since we're gonna be Seniors in the next.
Come to think of it,I haven't even thought of what course I'd take.As in,di pa talaga.
I'm not futuristic in that sense,eh.I mean,do you see yourself in College?
I don't.I'm 14.Feeling ko super bata ko pa for college.:P
I'll post pics of what I'll do daily.Hopefully,I do something.Hahaha.
I'm thinking of getting my hair cut mga 4 inches?What do you think?
I was watching Wowowee.
Alam naman ni Hen na eversince I was stuckwith TFC for a month,Wowowee Girl na'ko.
I think it'd be fun to watch live.Bigatin!
Ate and I would be so game talaga.Sasayaw kami :P
It's super laughtrip.I love the way the audience dances for Willie para maging bigatin.
Super bigay na bigay.
Don't you agree?Super manhid mo kung 'di ka matawa.:)) In my opinion,ah.=)
One goal of mine this Summer's to watch Wowowee LIVE.
Maybe we will.
Fun,watch us.:))
Oh no,I'm shy pala.=))