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Tuesday, May 15, 2007 @ 11:47 PM
I've been setting aside time, to clear a little space in the corners of my mind.
I'm currently typing this in the NotePad.
No internet in Pampanga, dear friends. Oh! and before I forget, I have to type in the essentials to a post.
DATE: May 11, 2007
TIME: 8:36 PM
So, I have to blog about ATC with Betch Hen and Betch Bevs.
I had so much fun with the 2 of them.
It's amazing how Hen and I can spend more than an hour in TimeZone Active singing nothing else than the most LOUD, old and baduy songs we can think of. And how the 3 of us can stay in the 88 Peso Japanese store forever.
Not to mention Bevs and myself's love for National Bookstore. SUPER FUN. I won't list down the things we sang. For our eyes only. Diba, Betch?
So, while singing.
Naisipan namin mag PICTURE. Jump Pics to be exact. Sa super liit na space at syempre, KITA SA LABAS.
Kaya, Yun. May audience kami. Tapos may stalker. Wahaha!
Bata na ewan tapos super stare. Natakot kami. May attempts pa kaming picturan pero naduwag kami, eh.:)) So, nung naubos na namin yung 167 sa 12 pesos/song Videoke ng TimeZone, give-up na kami. Sakit na ng panga namin, eh. Pag-iisipan ko kung ipopost ko yung Music Videos namin. I'll have to ask for Betchay's consent. 16 pesos naman sa 8/game na Basketball! At isang try ng Guitar Freaks. FAILED.=)) Tapos, gutom na kami. Japanese Fast Food <3 Yun, may pictures pa! Mixed Sushi 8 pcs., Red Iced Tea and Creamy Desserts( Yun yung tawag, eh. ) Tapos humahanap kami ng" SOUVENIR " pero WALA :[ Ito pa, I haven't mentioned this here. May 2, I went to ATC with my mom and got clothes to fit in Human. Whilte fitting, I saw some perverted employee putting his Camera Phone under my door. Pwede ba?! Hindi ako bulag. I ignored pero nung 2nd time, I opened the door. Buti nagpapatong lang ako ng clothes. Binalikan namin ni Hen tas yun, irereport daw nila. Sana lang totoo. ---------- Dumating na si Betch Bevs!! :) And since hindi pa siya nakakapunta sa favorite store namin ni Hen which is Daiso(88), sinamahan namin s'ya. YIEEEE! Nag-enjoy! :P HI BEVS!=) We SERIOUSLY love that place. May plans na kami ofr our lockers. LadyBugs, Corkboards, WhiteBoards, Smileys and so on. Sikreto na yung Lady Bugs at Smileys. Tapos,ikot pa kami. Bevs bought things for her mom cause it's Mother's Day on Sunday!! Tas National naman, pinawrap ni Bevs. Tapos, Betchay had to go home so hinatid namin s'ya sa labas. Ikot pa kami ni Betch Bevs tas it was my time to go home. She went with me to meet my mom. Thanks Bevs!! I finally got my v3x fixed. It was about time. HAHAHA! Anyway, SUPER HAD FUN BETCHES. BITIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIN. ISA PA! =] It's cold here in Pampanga cause of the Rain. I've been reading, soundtripping, eating PikNik Ketchup Fries and drinking Chocolait while ocassionally munching on Nerds( Apple coated Watermelon and Lemonade coated Wild Cherry,BEBEH!) Syempre, anong gagawin ko walang kuryente. We're blessed to have a very considerate neighboring relative with a generator. Thanks Tito.=]] Weather's perFECT.-Nel of PBB BWAHAHAHA!! Out! -Patty----> Yes, I'm trying out the Y.:p

May 12-----> RECAP of my Saturday

When I woke up andun na si Pids!
Wala TV lang kami, tapos Dairi Creme YUM!
Tapos may prayer rally for Father Ed that night kasi last day of campaign.
Super saya, buti we went.
We even wore Among Ed shirts!
May campaign song s'ya na may choreography!
I'll post the videos.
We walked from Mary the Queen school to tthe field where the rally was gonna be held.
There were so much balloons, banners and posters which the volunteers paid for.
After the donated frieworks display, the people who went cleaned up on their own.
Parang hindi kami makapaniwala na may mga disiplinado pa pala.
Nung gabi chikahan with the boys.
They were waiting for Chicosci's new video premiere in Myx.
So we waited...
and waited...
Super laughtrip!
Me: Migo, kinakawa mo si Katkat!
Migo: Ehhhhh.... yun yung sabi nila eh.
Me: So totoo nga?! Is this serious talk? as in NO BULL?!
Migo: ANOOOOO?????
Me: is this serious talk, no bull?
Migo: HAAAAA???!! :))
Me: HAAHHH! Wag na nga, NEVERMIND.=)) Hayaan mo next time magtatagalog na 'ko!
Migo: Mag tagalog ka nga!
mIGO: anong noble?
Me: ha?! no joke!
Me: sabi ko NO BULL!=))
Migo's currently amazed by Romeo and Juliet. Yun na yung ultimate summer read nya.
Slept na kasi confirmation ko the next day.

May 13---->
I am now a soldier of the Lord.

Tomorrow nalang ulit :)