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Hi! I haven't had the time to really work on this. Everything's kind of a draft! Welcome though. This is my personal blog.


So it's going to be about me and a few things connected to being me. I'm Patti David and I'm 17 going on 18. I'm from Ateneo.


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LAST Acquaintance Party :(
Saturday, July 05, 2008 @ 8:30 AM
Yesterday was so unforgettable. We just super made the most out of it.
We had classes pa yesterday, just Filipino and Accounting. It was Sir de Silva's Birthday! Happy Birthday, Sir :) Ba't nga pala wala ka nung acquaintance mismo?:))

Anyway, we started dressing up and fixing ourselves so we could practice pa a bit. Celina was our choreo. She is unbelievable, she has the greatest ideas and she doesn't mind repeating and repeating it for us. :) Thanks, Skalks :D We finally got to the gym, there were some dances and games. PSS arrived. Why oh why? She pulled out some students so they weren't able to finish the party! Uh. Hello. For the lower batches, fine. BUT not for the 4th yr! They weren't even able to dance cause of it! Aww.
I love our batch! :) I loved our batch's dance as well. We had Rock Baby Rock and Annie Batumbakal. We decided that it'd be better to have a guy to dress up as a girl and make him Annie. And of course, only Simon would play the role perfectly. HE DID! Perfect! He's so famous now, you know. Haha. Go go, Sir! :)

Seniors! Seniors! Seniors!
Het het, Hurray! (Dont ask)

The free dance was cut short. But it was fun. I have videos of it, I have yet to upload. I wanted to have pictures with the teachers pero we had to go. Boo. We have pictures from Luis' Camera! I love you betches :) Photo shoot? Haha. After the party, I went with the VGS "Vgs feat. Patti" to Che's, we ate and Simon had super funny ideas. SOBRA. I was the last one who left, Che and I just watched My Girl while talking about things. Thanks, Che! Sa food at lahat lahat :)

It's sad, I can't believe it was our last. It was super bitin.