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Sawasdee Siam!
Sunday, July 20, 2008 @ 5:45 PM

Forgive me for the delay of this post. I almost forgot to blog about my trip to Thailand. I will not forgive myself if I didn't blog about it. Haha. Exagge. Sorry. Anyway...

We went to Thailand last week, Saturday 071208. We had a morning flight, it was sort of a good thing cause there was a 1 hour time diff. We arrived at around lunch time. I saw Judy Anne in the BKK Suvarnabhumi Airport. Haha. Nice Airport it was. Our flight was on time. But due to our going around looking for our guide (Jay), we left kinda late. In general, Thailand looked like Manila. As in really. It was hotter than Manila, though. (Literally.) The traffic was pretty much the same. Only stuff were way cheaper there. Something I loved, and the people were really really nice. We were dropped in our Hotel (Arnoma, right in front of Central World which was a mall. A chic mall I couldn't shop in. :))) I loved the hotel. The staff were very very nice. They did the "amen" sign of respect everytime as in everytime. I have this favorite bellboy, Sutat. He'd always chat with Kuya and I. :)

first day-
Upon arriving in our hotel room, Kuya and I decided to roam around. We went to Central World. I figured it was something like GB 5, matching the chic people. We couldn't find bargains there. :)) They had this imitation pink berry (iBerry), we had a raspberry yogurt shake. I just have to say this, their sorbet flavors are fascinating! They have the normal Tiramisu gelato to Santol Sorbet! Moving on.. After goin around the mall, we walked the sidewalks and ate street food. I love the street food! They have this tempura like thing for only 20 baht. They have everything in the sidewalk! That's where I got most of my shirts (only 90/each!), my skinnies and shorts as well. Oh and my shades! Our hotel was right beside Big C so we got to buy some stuff in there. We ate in Amarin! YUM. We also went to Suan Lum which was kinda disappointing cause they were selling stuff for a higher price instead of a lower, which was what we were expecting.

second day-
We didn't join the tour so we just walked around our area. We ate in Shabu Shi. It was like this sushi conveyor belt thing, 'cept they also had shabu-shabu (unlimited) but you can only stay for an hour cause they had this dismissal thing. It was so fun! :) We also had steak in our hotel, which was fine dining for a very cheap price! I swear. Buffet desserts, salad, soups etc. I wonder why people don't go there too often. Kuya and I went around after eating and mom got pasalubong. :)