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Hi! I haven't had the time to really work on this. Everything's kind of a draft! Welcome though. This is my personal blog.


So it's going to be about me and a few things connected to being me. I'm Patti David and I'm 17 going on 18. I'm from Ateneo.


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Monday, October 06, 2008 @ 9:04 PM
My phone says it's 9:05 PM, I just got settled from practice about an hour ago. I'm phone blogging. Lemme say, I love my phone. I used to say that it isn't user-friendly etc. But i figured how convenient it is. I practically do as much stuff as compared to my laptop. I surf for homeworks in it. Plus, it has PATTI written all over it.

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I just finished dinner now. :) I was on the phone with Hen awhile ago. Miss you!

Well. It's longtest week next week. Intrams in this week. How hectic are we?
oh well. Sem break awaits!:)
post soon. Love.